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Published on July 3rd, 2006 | by TechCow


How to capitalize a paragraph in Microsoft Word?

Q.  Is there a way to capitalize a paragraph or perhaps all the text written in Microsoft Word 2003?

A.  The answer is yes, you can capitalize or put selected text into uppercase without rewriting everything in uppercase
There are 3 possible solution and we will start with the most convenient answer:

  1. Highlight your text that you want to covert and press SHIFT and F3. This will make every letter a small letter. Press it again it’ll capitalize the first letters. Press it again it’ll capitalize everything. That SHIFT+F3 saves so much time!
  2. Select/Highlight text that you want to capitalize
    right click on it
    select Font
    select All caps tick box
  3. Select/Highlight text that you want to capitalize
    Click on Format > Change Case. (If you don’t see Change Case in the Format menu, click the down-pointing arrows at the bottom of the menu to reveal all the commands there.)
    Make sure UPPERCASE is selected, and click OK

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